Diary of a Young Black Author in Need of a Hug

This blog, originally published on Tumblr, highlights Nancey’s thoughts and experiences with writing her first novel intended for publication. Follow her on her journey as she discusses the emotional highs and tumultuous lows of striving to be a young Black author in a digital age. 

Posts (reverse chronological order):

A Tale of Two Cities

To Freedom!!

A Dream Achieved?

Staying in My Lane & Minding My Business

I’ve Done This Before. I Shall Do It Again.

This Isn’t Love Jones.

Write in Spite

The Glow-Up Revisited

A Though on [Un]Certainty

Hathor Taught Me

Nobody Asked for This

No Cheetos Allowed

Ain’t Nobody Coming to See You, Otis!

Back to Basics

I’m Hearing Voices

Light A Candle for the Fictional Ancestors

The Babysitter

Manifesting the Glow-Up

Worth The Investment

In the Tradition of Men in My Blood

Finally Getting Somewhere

Girl, you MUST do better.

Research like a scientist…even for a fiction.

Cohabitating with my doubts.