Diary of a Young Black Author in Need of a Hug

Follow along as Nancey discusses the emotional highs and tumultuous lows of striving to be a young Black author in the Digital Age. 

A Tale of Two Cities

I often romanticize things I feel I have a deep connection with. That’s not to say that I’m a hopeless romantic or live in a state of complete blissful ignorance. I’ve in the very least acknowledged that others’ experiences with said “things” may very well be different from mine, and those experiences are just asContinue reading “A Tale of Two Cities”


Tumblr Post #23 (January 2019) Who would have thought that the medium on which one writes would be just as important as what is being written? That’s the question I had to ask myself upon receiving a birthday gift that would transform my entire writing experience. For starters, I hadn’t written anything in months. WasContinue reading “To FREEDOM!!”

A Dream Achieved?

Tumblr Post #22 (August 2018) I am a journal connoisseur. I’m currently maintaining three separate journals—all for different purposes in my life. There is a journal in which I chronicle various life events and internal monologues: a third volume to a continuous story of my life. The OG journal, if you will. There is anContinue reading “A Dream Achieved?”

Write in Spite

Tumblr Post #18 (November 2017) I’ve been feeling uninspired to write lately— uninspired to work on this novel that has taken up vital real estate in my mind for over two years now. I thought about blaming this one on writer’s block. But if I’m being completely honest with myself, that’s nonsense. I’ve had chapterContinue reading “Write in Spite”

The Glow-Up Revisited

Tumblr Post #17 (October 2017) Last June, I conducted a little experiment with manifestations. Attempting to buck my skepticism with speaking [or writing] things into existence, I pulled out my trusted journal and wrote down everything I hoped to accomplish with this book. I also wrote about this experience in a blog post titled, “ManifestingContinue reading “The Glow-Up Revisited”

A Thought on [Un]Certainty

Tumblr Post #16 (July 2017) It’s been a month since I’ve finished Chapter 10. A busy month. I’ve had a lot going on and because of that, I haven’t done much writing for this book. Researching, yes. Daydreaming, yes. Eyeing this year’s PitchWars news, absolutely! But not writing. Meanwhile, I’ve gotten food poisoning, received unsettlingContinue reading “A Thought on [Un]Certainty”

Hathor Taught Me

Tumblr Post #15 (June 2017) I don’t know how many more rough patches I’ll have to endure as I write this novel. And if there are more, hopefully they won’t be as bad as the last one. That was a low point for me and, for the first time, I actually considered giving up on the projectContinue reading “Hathor Taught Me”

Nobody Asked for This

Tumblr Post #14 (April 2017) So I’ve been in a weird place for the past few weeks regarding my relationship with this novel. If I had to describe this place, it’d have to be somewhere between questioning my abilities and credentials as a writer and questioning why this story is even being written in theContinue reading “Nobody Asked for This”

No Cheetos Allowed

Tumblr Post #13 (February 2017) I’m not petty. Though to be honest, recent events have definitely made me consider switching over to dark side—to give in to the power of the forces that be and let the pettiness overtake my body in a fiery, triumphant glow. I’d walk around like Peter Parker in Spider ManContinue reading “No Cheetos Allowed”

Back to Basics

Tumblr Post #11 (January 2017) I’ve written two or three versions of the same blogpost over the past few months, but have been hesitant to post it. Well…I’m not sure if I would say hesitant because that would imply that it was finished and that I was satisfied with what I was trying to say.Continue reading “Back to Basics”

I’m Hearing Voices

Tumblr Post #10 (October 2016) And not one of them is my own. But that of Sage…and Jerry… and Columbia… and June… and David. Everybody is talking at once and it is hard for me to hear what each person is saying. It’s hard for me to write down their words and it’s hard for me to quiet oneContinue reading “I’m Hearing Voices”

The Babysitter

Tumblr Post #8 (July 2016) Imagine a brand new mother who has spent nine months gestating a child in her womb and even longer raising this child outside of it. She nurtures it, tells it where to go and what not to do, and spends intimate quality time with it day in and day out.Continue reading “The Babysitter”

Worth the Investment

Tumblr Post #6 (June 2016) Perhaps it’s a testament to my character that I try my best not to hurt anyone’s feelings or intentionally make someone upset to the point of tears. Why? Because that makes me feel like a pretty crappy human being. And I don’t know about you, but I have my ownContinue reading “Worth the Investment”

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