Girl, you MUST do better.

Tumblr Post #3 (March 2016)

I’ve been slacking.


And I have no one to blame but myself…and my doubts.

Remember those? The ones that I’ve been cohabitating with? Well it appears that for the past month, I have allowed those doubts to be the primary breadwinner in our little household. While my doubts were out running errands and providing, I was posted up on the sofa, eating bags of chips and binge-watching my favorite shows on Black&Sexy TV. And convincing myself that what I was doing was completely normal and part of the process.

And not writing.

Meanwhile, my main character has been sitting in public transit, stuck in thought while observing the cityscape fly by her window.

For a month.

She deserves better. And I am capable of giving her that. But being capable of something does not get words written down; it does not get my character to the next scene of the story; and it definitely does not finish this book. It’s similar to someone falling in love with the potential of a partner but the partner’s actionsare another story. 

Actions speak much louder than words. I can call myself a writer for as long as I want, but unless I am actually writing something down, then those words won’t mean anything. Neither will my book. And neither will this blog.

So Nancey, for the sake of your sanity, for the sake of your main character, and for the sake of your book, GET IT TOGETHER.

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