The Collage Artist

What began in her youth as an obsession with paper dolls has blossomed into an affinity for building magnificent worlds from seemingly unconnected images of Blackness. Inspired by the works of Mirlande Jean-Gilles, Nancey created her first collage piece in  2016 and shared her progress on her Instagram page [@nancey.the.storyteller]. 

As the popularity of her catalog grew, so did her desire to make her artwork available to a wider audience.  In January 2017, she opened her Etsy shop as “The Collage Whisperer” and began selling prints of her favorite pieces. 


Since her shop’s debut, Nancey has garnered regional and national attention for her collaging talent. She was commissioned to contribute an original collage piece for an art exhibitions at the University of Georgia and the Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts. She has also been featured as a contributing illustrator for O, the Oprah Magazine’s Thanksgiving 2017 issue. 


Today, Nancey continues to test her skills and mental fortitude to create dynamic art that values representation, and challenge traditional depictions of Blackness. 

Click here to browse her gallery of completed works and to purchase items from her shop.

Click here to explore her original collage journals, also available for purchase.

Wake Up Like This