Finally Getting Somewhere

Tumblr Post #4 (April 2016)   Finally Getting Somewhere It happened. I finally got to the scene in which I’ve been daydreaming about for months. The scene that sets the entire plot of the story into motion. The scene that separates the set-up from the movement; the static from the dynamic; the mundane from theContinue reading “Finally Getting Somewhere”

Girl, you MUST do better.

Tumblr Post #3 (March 2016) I’ve been slacking. Hard. And I have no one to blame but myself…and my doubts. Remember those? The ones that I’ve been cohabitating with? Well it appears that for the past month, I have allowed those doubts to be the primary breadwinner in our little household. While my doubts were outContinue reading “Girl, you MUST do better.”

Research like a scientist…even for a fiction.

Tumblr Post #2 (January 2016) I’ve been listening to a lot of author interviews lately and one theme that has been persistently present is the topic of research. Authors would say something along the lines of “when I was doing my research for this book,” or “in my research, I found this or that.” Research.Continue reading “Research like a scientist…even for a fiction.”

Cohabitating with my doubts.

Tumblr Post #1 (December 2015) I’ve been told that the hardest thing about writing a novel is convincing yourself that what you have to say is worth being told. Actually…no one has told me this. But it’s something that I’m learning along the way. I am currently on my third attempt at writing my firstContinue reading “Cohabitating with my doubts.”