Ain’t Nobody Coming to See You, Otis!

Tumblr Post #12 (January 2017) A while back, I had a conversation with a dear friend of mine regarding the main character of this novel. In the midst of discussing her in relation to the twists and turns of various plot points, other characters and back stories, I began to question who this book is really about.Continue reading “Ain’t Nobody Coming to See You, Otis!”

Light a Candle for the Fictional Ancestors

Tumblr Post #9 (August 2016) There is power in lighting candles. Healing power. Calming power. Spiritual power. It is the effects of these powers that are the reasons why I keep lit candles near to me almost daily. There is a single candle on my altar at home, for example, and one of its manyContinue reading “Light a Candle for the Fictional Ancestors”

In the Tradition of Men in My Blood

Tumblr Post #5 (May 2016) Yes, it’s a Lemonade reference. Sue me. But I found it quite a fitting and finally witty title for today’s post. But this entry has more to do with the men in my life and less with the traditions, good or bad, that they uphold. As with the rest ofContinue reading “In the Tradition of Men in My Blood”